Single & Three Phase Oil-Filled Power Transformers/Autotransformers/Shunt Reactors (On-Site Services):
  • Dress & Test
  • Unit Disassembly & Accessory Packing
  • Unit Transportation between Customer Installations
  • Oil Handling & Treatment
  • Oil Filtering and Degassing
  • Bushings Maintenance or Replacement
  • Control Box Maintenance/Replacement
  • Oil Leaks Repair [Tank Welding and Regasket]
  • Copy of Oil Leaks Repair [Tank Welding and Regasket]
  • Metallic Surfaces Treatment [New Paint or Paint Retouch]
  • External accessories Maintenance or Replacement [Oil Level Gauge, Rapid Pressure Rise Relay, Buchholz Relay, Pressure Relief Device, Thermometers & Others Accessories]
  • Old Conservator Replacement with New One Equipped
Diagnostics & Corrective Actions
Maintenance Management [Technical & Economical]
Risk Assessment
  • Low Voltage Tests Core & Windings
  • Insulation Resistance
  • Windings Resistance
  • Transformer Turn Ratio
  • DOBLE (C&PF) on Transformer, Bushings & Surge arresters
  • CT Ratio, Winding Resistance
  • Oil & Hot-Spot Winding Thermometer Calibration
  • Operation Check on Buchholz Relay, OLRC Relay, Rapid Pressure Rise Relay, OL TC & DETC
  • Input Current on Motors (Fan, Pump, OLTC & DETC Driving Mechanism)
Oil Tests:
  • Dissolved Gas Analysis
  • Water Content
  • Breakdown Voltage

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