Contract Vehicles

For ease of procurement, RTL Energy makes use of contract vehicles that can simplify government acquisition to meet even the shortest deadline. RTL Energy’s extensive and growing list of available contract vehicles ensure our ability to meet the unique technology requirements for all of our customers.

Contract #: GS-06F-0904Z

The GSA 8(a) Streamlined Technology Acquisition Resources for Services (STARS) II Government Wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC) is a dynamic, indefinite delivery indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contract vehicle for prime contractors who are certified as 8(a) small business concerns only.

8(a) STARS II Purpose & Structure

The 8(a) STARS II GWAC is designed to promote small business utilization when purchasing information technology (IT) services or IT services-based solutions for the federal government. The 8(a) STARS II program is reserved exclusively for qualifying certified 8(a) small business concerns as the prime contractors per Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 19.8.

Based on industry accreditations, by way of 8(a) STARS II, Constellation I, RTL Networks, Inc,. will offer solutions included in four functional areas designated by the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS). There are over 140 labor categories under the following functional areas:

  • 541511 — Custom Computer Programming Services
  • 541512 — Computer Systems Design Services
  • 541513 — Computer Facilities Management Services
  • 541519 — Other Computer Related Services

To request a full listing of appropriate labor categories, please contact the RTL Networks, Inc. 8(a) STARS II point of contact, Krissy Chaney, at

8(a) STARS II Features

  • Multiple award, IDIQ contract vehicle
  • Five-year base with one five-year option
  • $10 billion program ceiling
  • Directed Order Authority: Directed task orders up to $4 million each are allowed for federal civilian and Department of Defense activities

Note: Orders over $4 million are competed amongst the industry partners in the chosen constellation and functional area.

8(a) STARS II Benefits

  • 8(a) socioeconomic credit transferrable to the agency
  • Pre-competed, easy to use contracts
  • Access to proven 8(a) small business technology providers
  • Shortened procurement lead time
  • A low user access fee (0.75%) built into contractor’s ceiling prices

Contract #: GS-35F-0517X

RTL Networks, Inc. has years of experience successfully dealing with the Commercial sector, the Department of Defense (DoD), and Federal, state and local government agencies. RTL Networks’ wide array of hardware and software solutions and professional services are essential to many of RTL Networks’ global customers; who choose our company for our reliability, professionalism, and work ethics. RTL Networks’ service offerings include Staffing Augmentation, Hardware & Products, Outsourcing, and Consulting.

We have also acquired certain small business certifications allowing your organization to streamline acquisition while receiving socioeconomic credits.

RTL Networks, Inc. currently offers competitive pricing and discounts to Federal Government Agencies. Such discounts include Prompt Payment Discounts of 5% when paid within 15 days from receipt of invoice or date of acceptance.

No. Labor Category
1 Administrative Specialists
2 Administrative Specialists (Senior)
3 Project Control Specialist
4 Project Manager
5 Technical Writer/Editor
6 Training Specialist
7 Integrated Commercial Intrusion Detection System (ICIDS) Operators/Moniters
8 Systems Life-Cycle Administrative Assistant
IT Subcontractor Schedule
No. Labor Category
1 Systems Architect
2 Database Analyst/Programmer
3 Database Administrator(Senior)
4 Information Resource Management Analyst
5 IT Security Specialist (Junior)
6 IT Security Specialist (Intermediate)
7 IT Security Specialist (Senior)
8 Voice Communication Manager
9 Application Systems Analyst
10 Application Developer/Programmer
11 Applications Engineer (Junior)
12 Applications Engineer (Intermediate)
13 Applications Engineer (Senior)
14 Computer Systems Analyst (Junior)
15 Computer Systems Analyst (Intermediate)
16 Computer Systems Analyst (Senior)
17 Systems Engineer (Intermediate)
18 Systems Engineer (Senior)
19 Systems Engineer (SME)
20 Web Architect
21 Web Designer
22 Web Content Administrator
23 Systems Administrator (Junior)
24 Systems Administrator (Intermediate)
25 Systems Administrator (Senior)
26 IT Linux Systems Admin
27 Graphics Designer
28 Software Developer (Lead)
29 Software Developer (Senior)
30 Software Developer (Intermediate)
31 Software Developer (Junior)
32 Database Analyst/Programmer (Intermediate)
33 LAN/WAN Administrator
34 PC Systems Specialist
35 Network Administrator/Help Desk (Tier 1)
36 Network Administrator/Help Desk (Tier 2)
37 Telecom Admin
38 Video Conference Engineer
39 Systems Analyst (Level 1)
40 Systems Analyst (Level 2)
41 Systems Analyst (Level 3)
42 Programmer / Analyst (Level 1)
43 Programmer / Analyst (Level 2)
44 Web-System Analyst (Level 1)
45 Web Programmer Analyst (Level 1)
46 Web Programmer Analyst (Level 2)
47 Database Administrator (Level 1)
48 Database Administrator (Level 3)
Consulting Subcontractor Schedule
No. Labor Category
1 Configuration Management Specialist (Junior)
2 Configuration Management Specialist (Intermediate)
3 Configuration Management Specialist (Senior)
4 Information Technology Consultant
5 Quality Assurance Analyst
6 Quality Assurance Manager
7 Quality Assurance Specialist
8 IT Subject Matter Expert
9 Disaster Recovery Specialist
10 Business Process Reengineering Specialist (Junior)
11 Business Process Reengineering Specialist (Intermediate)
12 Business Process Reengineering Specialist (Senior)
13 Test Engineer (Junior)
14 Test Engineer (Intermediate)
15 Test Engineer (Senior)
16 Information Engineer (Principal)
17 Mathematician/Statistician

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